1986 SMFL Throwback League.
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SMFL League Manual

02.01 - Set Lineup
Note: League Pulse saves your "previous" lineup so that you can load it up and make changes that way. If you haven't set a lineup before, you'll need to build it from scratch, but you should only need to do that once. Your previous lineup will remain across bye weeks.

When you first arrive at the Set Lineup screen, you get a brief message explaining the app and a small menu along the right side of the screen.

Load Last Lineup
If you wish to start with the previous week's depth chart, click the Load Last Lineup button. A moment or three later, the players will be loaded into the appropriate slots. If there is no previous lineup stored for your team, you'll get the following message:

Click the Offense, Defense, and Special Teams buttons to set the depth positions associated with those areas of your team.

Setting Depth Positions

When your empty Offensive Depth Chart pops up, it will look like so:

To set the depth order for QB, click the QB link in that depth position. It looks like so:

After you click the link, a list of players who can play QB will appear below the chart, like so:

Since we're keen on developing players, we'll start the venerable Gus Frerotte. Click the button beside his name. Gus will appear at the highest available position in the chart.

The button beside his name disappears, as well:

Daunte Culpepper should make a decent backup for Gus, so we'll click the button beside his name, and see that he automatically snuggles up underneath Gus at the backup position in the depth chart.

To finish things off, we'll stick whoever the hell Shaun Hill is in at the #3 spot

CRUD! I accidentally clicked the button beside Morton Anderson! That's just not right! How can I get rid of this idiot?! Everytime I click on the button nothing happens! Here's what you do when you want to replace the person who is in the last spot on your chart...

Click on the button beside the player you want to replace them! The player will automatically replace the previous holder of that last spot:

But Wait!
Gus isn't going to progress! That dude is old and has already proven he can't be a starting QB. We better put in Culpepper to spice up the Vikings' O. So how do we re-order players on the depth chart? Click the and buttons to shuffle players up and down the depth chart. Whether we click the button beside Culpepper or the button beside Frerotte is irrelevant. In both cases, Daunte will move into the starting spot, and Gus will take over as backup.

Submitting Your Lineup

When you submit your lineup, you'll see the following message:
Your depth chart (below) is now saved. The lineup has not been "submitted" to the commissioners, the commish in charge of setting lineups will access your lineup after the deadline. For this reason, you may edit your lineup at any time up until the deadline.

What this means is, submitting your lineup simply saves it in the database, but you can come back to it any time before the deadline and make changes. Once the deadline passes, the commishes can access your lineup and import it into the file.

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