1986 SMFL Throwback League.
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SMFL League Manual

03.02 - Trades
The main view of the trade app allows you to make a proposal, view pending negotiations, pending trades, and the total number of trades made by each team. Depending on your league's settings, there may be other coloumns in the trade table (cap hit limit, limit on number of total items, etc.)

In the above table you see all of the different statuses a trade can have. I have sent a proposal to the Cardinals who have not yet responded. I can view the trade (and Reject it), but I can't do anything else with the trade until they either counter or accept it.

The Bears have accepted a trade between us, and I have yet to decide whether I want to accept.

The Broncos have recently countered an offer that we made. I can go in and either counter back, accept, or reject the trade.

The Buccs and I have finalized a trade and it is pending approval of the league.

In the bottom table you can see the number of trades that have been finalized by each team. This includes processed trades and trades that are pending. You can see that the Bengals have reached the limit. You can still enter negotiations with them, but won't be able to accept until the league moves into a new part of the season that allows them to make more trades.

Let's click on the Negotiate button to see the Broncos' counter offer...

It's a busy screen with the rosters on each side of the screen, draft picks in the middle as well a section for notes and cap info.

The players involved in the trade are in the center. You players/picks into the offer with the blue arrow buttons. Move them out of the offer with the blue x buttons.

As you move players in/out of the offer you'll see real time info on what the trade will do to your cap situation. You'll see cap hit, resulting team salary and what the immediate salary recoup of the trade would be. All vital info in evaluating the value of the trade in question.

Negotiating Trades

These three buttons represent the three actions you can take on trades in the negotiation phase.

Clicking the Accept button does as you would expect. If the other team has already accepted, this will immediately "lock" the trade and it will be viewable by the Competition Committee.

Initially, the Counter button is disabled until you make a change to the trade. This includes changing your team notes. This allows you to type in "Make me another offer" (or something of the like) and hit the "Counter" button. As soon as you change the trade, the Accept and Reject buttons are disabled (they remain enabled if you just change your notes).

Hitting reject immediately erases the trade from the database.

Note On Trade Limits
The following rules enforce which trades you can accept. If you cannot accept the trade, the Accept button does not appear an explanation will appear below the buttons.

Neither team has reached the trade maximum
The Accept button will appear.

The other team has not accepted the trade yet
The Accept button will appear, regardless of either team's status regarding the trade maximum.

The other team has accepted, and one or both teams have reached the trade maximum
The Accept button will not appear.

So, to sum it up, you can propose/negotiate as many trades as you want, and one team can accept in those trades. You cannot, of course, accept more than the maximum number of trades.


This message pops up if you attempt to press any of the buttons when one (or both) teams are not offering anything.

This is not an error, per se, but an informative message. Wink This happens when you load up a trade that involves picks/players who have since been removed from the team that was offering them.

Notification of Actions
A private message is sent to the other GM upon any action you take. This includes a trade rejection. Your Team Notes are sent in the Private Message, so you can leave a rejection message if you wish.

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